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There are ways to remap your sartorial habits without going on an extreme menswear diet. Here’s how to turn your wardrobe green. Please dress responsibly, but stylishly at the same time. Let’s discuss How to dress sustainably and stylishly in 2021

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Avoid Plastic Wear Clothing

Check the mark for polyester, acrylic or nylon before purchasing a fabric, both of which are just fancy names for plastic. Stick to parts made of pure natural fibers such as cotton, linen and wool where possible. It would be easier to recycle those made from only one fabric.Lyocell (sometimes called Tencel), a relatively new fabric made from wood pulp that has minimal environmental effect and is entirely biodegradable, is one of the greatest strides in sustainable development. As it is lightweight and breathable, it is close to cotton, making it suitable for tees and shirts.

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Fix the Old Garments

What with all the talk of fast fashion, throwing away old things for the sake of mental peace and nirvana, the convenience of not stepping out or even taking out your wallet for buying things, and the dreaded FOMO (fear of missing out) we all buy new clothing, as if they were out of fashion.

Yes – clothes are becoming highly disposable. Use and throw clothes – that is the name of the game today. People want change, and clothing brands compete with each other to create inexpensive and trendy clothing. It's incredible how many clothes we turf out each year. The Environmental Protection Authority estimates that around 13.1 million tons of textiles are thrown away every year, with only 15% being recovered for reuse or recycling. Fixing the old garments is a great way to curb excessive spending. By investing in sustainable, good-quality clothes that can be repaired, you're saving the price of the cheap n' nasty garments that fall to pieces after just a few wears.




    Purchase Timeless and Limited Pieces:

    One of the way How to dress sustainably and stylishly in 2021, It's quick to get carried away with a scattergun approach to shopping when the new season inventory reaches stores. And while it's all right to top up your wardrobe with a few must-have items, it's worth making sure you have a good roster of trustworthy staples that won't be the first to date. You will be thanked by the world (in its own silent way), and so will your wallet.

    "It's crucial to have classic items that you know can last year after year in your collection," says Alex Longmore, a celebrity stylist. 'A white and light blue sweater, a navy and grey sweatshirt, black boots, dark denim jeans, brown suede brogues or loafers, a smart winter coat, a smart belt and three block-colored T-shirts are the main pieces a guy should have,' she adds.


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    Purchase from brands that support Sustainability

    Not that interesting fact: in a developed country like the United Kingdom, The Cotton puts the average lifetime of a garment at a low 3.3 years. But by following a buy less, buy better strategy, the statistic is easily increased.

    One should take sustainability and ethicality very seriously throughout their supply chain. Must take different steps to ensure all the local and foreign producers and suppliers that trust manufacturing with, are evaluated to ensure they comply with the textile industry standards and different standards and share the same values. The Cotton manufacture clothing sponsored by a three-decade guarantee of repair or replacement. These are staples that don't come in or out of fashion. The Cotton London takes sustainability very seriously that is why we ensure our clothes are long lasting with minimalist design as fashion changes all the time.





    Ask the Big Questions before Buying: 

    One must ask where the stuff you're buying comes from, and where it goes when you're done with it. Not just who built it or how it was created, but what it's made of.

    The Cotton fabric and yarn producers have a dyeing house of their own. Certifications such as OEKO-Teks Standard 100, ISO 9000, Global Recycle Standard, Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS and many more are kept by all our industry partners. All our partner companies who manufacture our packages meet all our standards for suitability. Gritti supplies our shirt buttons and they are all made of sustainably sourced mother-of-pearl shells. There is no wastage and the remaining shell is ground and used for fertilizer until the button blanks have been punched out of the shell- said by a sustainable fashion brand owner, Syed Nasim.

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      Prefer Trend-Proof Appearances: 

      "The key to having a sustainable wardrobe is to choose good quality staple combinations," says men's style writer George Nicholson. "Invest in outfits like a leather jacket, a high-quality white T-shirt and a pair of jeans, and every year you won't have to replace the foundation of your wardrobe."

      Yeah, the high street will easily knock up beautiful products that give you change from a tenner, but the cost is far higher for the world, with CO2 emissions from the fast-fashion cycle predicted to hit 60 percent by 2030. Staple colors should also be a priority as well as staple items. The trendiest variations deliver neutral and versatile shades of navy, black and grey.


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