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Questioning what we take for granted usually is often not easy but always helpful. Why do we care what we look like? Why do we own more clothes than books? Why are there so many fashion shops? “Clothes make the man,” the old saying goes.

Well, clothes seem to impress us human beings. Nothing tells you more about a person or makes a good first impression than how one is dressed. It’s quite significant. We summed a person’s character even if we don’t know them just by the way they are dressed.

Fashion clothing for men


Fashion clothing for men

Clothes not only protect us from the elements, but they are a way to extend ourselves into the society of others. Clothes are used in many ways: to project our identity, to hide our identity, to create a false identity or an idealized one of our hopes and dreams. We can use clothes as tools or weapons to communicate something important about ourselves, establish dominance over others, or set up a false humility. Clothes can help us show how we feel within, expressing our deep sense of being non-verbally to the world around us.




    The problem starts when we concentrate too much on one or the other. A person who dresses exclusively for other people so that they are liked, loved, and wanted is a lack of self-respect. Also, a person who dresses only for themselves and doesn’t care about the effect their appearance has on others is the lack of respect for other people. Society is like a killer game people need to have their tricks to survive. When people are unsure about their ability to perform in a role, they sometimes dress the part to compensate for their insecurity. A classic example of this is how the newly rich tend to engage in ‘conspicuous consumption’ to show their wealth while those with ‘old money’ tend to avoid making a show of it.

    The fact of the matter is your appearance is a key to open a door. Clothing plays a key role in how we live our lives in many ways and in how we will be pictured or even treated.

    Fashion clothing for men


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