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Wool Jumpers

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Wool Jumpers quiet made out of Lamb’s wool, which is a type of wool shorn from a sheep aged approximately seven months or younger. The wool generally comes from the lamb’s first shearing, and each wool staple is usually about 50mm long. The wool is characterized by its fineness and softness, and it will become thicker and coarser as the animal ages, at which point it will be considered sheep’s wool. The undercoat contains the softest of the hair shorn from the lamb. Lamb’s wool can be used in a variety of methods, from upholstery and carpets to clothing and accessories.


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Since Lamb’s wool comes from young sheep, it is generally much softer and finer than sheep’s wool. While the characteristics can depend slightly on the breed of sheep from which the wool comes, there are some general characteristics of Lamb’s wool.

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    Lamb’s wool is the softest wool that will ever come from the sheep since it comes from the sheep’s first shearing. It’s extremely downy and soft to the touch.

    Moisture wicking

    All wool is naturally water repellent and moisture-wicking. This is because wool can absorb one-third of its weight without becoming wet, and its wicking properties come from the outer layer of the wool fiber, which somewhat resembles shingles on a roof with the strands butting up against each other.


    Lamb’s wool is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, therefore it is good for people who have allergies.


    Like all wool, Lamb’s wool is breathable, while also being a natural insulator. Because of wool’s natural crimp, the fibers don’t lay flat on each other, creating small air pockets that can trap and release heat, allowing the wool to maintain the wearer’s body temperature.


    The Cotton® Lamb’s wool and cotton blend crew neck jumper is knitted with 55% Lamb’s wool and 45% cotton. Luxuriously soft to the touch, this mid-weight warm rosehip jumper makes for an excellent wardrobe essential which is as comfortable to wear as it is classic and stylish.


    Designed and made in Scotland, it features a classic ribbed crew neckline, saddle shoulder construction, ribbing at the cuffs and hems and a regular fit. Soft, high quality classic knitwear to be worn for ease, warmth and style. Adaptable for office wear, casual wear or for the weekend alike. The Cotton® jumpers are of exceptional qualities selected throughout the world.

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