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An individual who can pull off his competent attire could take almost all other looks. It's a difficult task to be fashionable when upholding the decorum of the office environment. The people who can conduct ace are able to produce an atmosphere of control around them.

Our designer ties are the smallest yet, among the most important parts of a man's office wardrobe. Men’s ties conclude the impression, add elegance to it, and set the finest apart from the crowd. In the past, wearing a tie was indeed a sign of dignity, but nothing has changed recently. People who skip wearing ties lose their chances of total royalty and subtlety.

Ties that are worn to adequately signify the honesty and commitment of the person wearing. Ties demonstrate that the individual wants to keep his job professionally and is in the business to make an impression for that one must order tie online from THE COTTON LONDON.

Tie style guide


Tie style guide


Ties Command Respect 

As stated earlier, wearing a tie make you look unique from the flock. It is obvious that a person wearing a tie has provided a significant amount of creativity and consideration to his appearance. He took care of himself to ensure that he was a source of good company for his friends and partners alike. The fact that he has made an effort on his own is important in order to control the time and attention of both his colleagues and his bosses.

    Ties Enhance Your Face

    Ties are bringing attention to your face a tie is just like a symbol that points straight to your face to make people focus on your faces. If you wear a calm, welcoming smile with a trendy tie, your personality appears to be immediately striking. When you know how to make an impact with your facial expressions, the tie will never stop pulling your eyes to your face you should try to test it yourself. Stand in front of the mirror with a tie and notice how your vision is directed upward. Now, please remove the tie. You're going to notice that the emphasis is immediately off with your presence being reduced in a way.

      Tie style guide



      Tie style guide



      Ties Create Contrast 

      If the colour and texture of each piece of your clothing are similar, you will not be able to create an impression regardless of wearing a bow tie, neckties, skinny ties, extra long ties and colours like black tie, purple tie, red tie, gold ties, floral tie, coral tie, pink tie, silk ties. The clothes look bland, droning and dreary. Both have to be of the same shade when wearing a professional suit. It is therefore extremely important to mix and match them with appropriate shirts and ties. Even with the correct shirt, the equivalent contrast is not created. This is where the tie comes in. This helps you lose weight in different aspects, such as colours, patterns and textures. You may choose bright colour ties with a strong, pastel-colour suit and a white shirt. Ties add a very significant X-factor to your professional look and bring vitality to it.


      Ties Add Leanness 

      Since ties are the most vibrant aspect of your styling, they draw all the attention to the core of your image. As a consequence, they produce a slimming effect that makes you look fitter. If your partner is able to find a focal point within your description, his vision appears to compress the entire image in front of him that is why ties are an important factor they can either blur your whole attire or surprising light you up like never before.
        Tie style guide
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