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The Trendy and Essential Light wear Menswear You need from summer to autumn

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As the balmy days of summer unwillingly yield to the cooler embrace of autumn, our collective wardrobes undergo a transformation, necessarily embracing a fusion of style and functionality. In other words, it’s colder out.

Moreover, cooler weather brings a need for warmer outfits, but they need to be able to deal with fluctuating temperatures. Amidst this seasonal shift, the art of layering takes center stage, and in the realm of menswear, knitted tops emerge as the unsung heroes of the contemporary wardrobe.

What you want to be reaching for are the lightweight, fine-gauge knitted tops, crafted from soft cottons, temperature-regulating merino wool and some indulgent cotton menswear. These knitted envoys seamlessly bridge the gap between the sun-kissed realms of summer and the cooler hues of fall.

Perhaps, from the casual refinement of knitted polo shirts and jersey T-shirts, perfect for transitional days, to the dignified comfort of wool crew jumpers and the unparalleled luxury of cotton sweaters, each piece is a marriage of style and practicality.

Hence, Cotton London has curated the essential light wear pieces to get your wardrobe performing at its peak from now until November. These garments are timeless, and therefore extremely versatile, able to be harmoniously woven into your everyday getups as the late summer turns into early autumn.


  1. Knitted Polo Shirt:

A knitted polo shirt elegantly blends casual comfort with refined sophistication, a combination which has not been lost on a slew of high fashion and sartorial brands in recent seasons. The knitted element also brings a textural finish that gives smart-casual looks an invariably sophisticated finish.

Whether it’s constructed from supima cotton, or more refined fabrics such as merino wool, cashmere or even a silk blend, the knitted polo’s breathable construction is perfect for transitional weather, effortlessly adapting from warm days to cool autumn evenings. Do go for Cotton London finest Classic Fit Knitted Pique Polo Shirts with various monotone colors.




  1. Wool & Cotton Jumpers:

Another Ivy League stalwart that has had something of a rollercoaster of trend history, the lightweight preppy jumper is a brilliant piece of transitional kit whether worn draped or buttoned.

The beauty of Cotton London Jumpers is in its sheer diversity of styles: classic preppy designs you can layer over a shirt and tie; voluminous oversized options worn with a grungy attitude; heritage knit versions fit for an off-duty English country look; or super minimalist styles in black or charcoal grey that befit a contemporary monochromatic wardrobe. You may find WOOL X COTTON BLEND CREW NECK JUMPER – SAPPHIRE the most unique among the others because of its design and sophisticate style.



  1. Sweat Hoodies:

The style of looking mysterious is trending nowadays among the gen-Z. One such garment is the sweat hoodie, a gem of Cotton London Company, the poster boy of stealth wealth. Luxuriously soft and insulating, this piece pays homage to refined leisure, and can be used to give a soft edge to tailored trousers for a fusion of comfort and adding a tinge of mysterious dude look as well. You can easily drape it over some Cotton London chino trousers or simply with chino shorts for the ultimate laid-back baller move. You should go for the Cotton Original Sweat Hoodie with various attractive colors to adopt the mysterious look.



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