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Founded in 2015 by Syëd, in Great Britain, The Cotton® London was born out of a desire to design and produce the world’s finest cotton clothing brand for men – the ultimate in quality and luxury with minimalist design and with a consideration for sustainability in every element of the supply chain.



Syëd has always been interested in and appreciative of good quality menswear. However what really got him intrigued by the world of cotton was the fact that 2700 litres of fresh water is used up to create a single T-shirt. People own so many T-shirts, and they usually are cheaper than a sandwich which does not seem quite right. This started his quest for answers and his idea for a sustainable minimalist design luxurious cotton clothing brand was born.

A technology consultant by day, and entrepreneur by night—Syëd has built his online brand through his unflinching dedication and willingness to put in the time to learn something new. His absence of formal training of the fashion industry has enabled him to learn on the go, through sheer grit, hard work and life experiences. He believes this is an on-going process and each day is an opportunity to learn more and explore more. He has travelled the globe in search of the very best fabrications, quality manufactures ensuring our products are truly finest, easy to care for, wonderfully durable and made to last.

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The Cotton® Brand understated luxury

The Cotton® London quintessentially a British brand, prides itself on understated luxury, unmatched elegance, innovation, utilising luxurious high-end cotton fabrics, modern technology, skilled artisan craftsmanship, superb customer experience, a continual progression of making our products even finer and an ethical and sustainable basis for our product line. The distinct British character of our products exudes unrivalled refinement and timeless tradition. Because it's not just cotton, it's the finest cotton.



The Cotton® Brand Philosophy

We draw our inspiration from British elegance and sophistication. Our ethos is simple, we believe in timeless style because it endures, not fast fashion. We believe in quality over quantity, and we give meticulous attention to detail to everything we do. Our brand is driven by quality and perfect simplicity.

The Cotton® clothing manufacturing process



We take sustainability and ethicality very seriously throughout our supply chain. We take different steps to ensure all the local and foreign producers and suppliers that we trust our manufacturing with, are evaluated to ensure they comply with the textile industry standards and our standards and share our same values.

Know more about our sustainability measures here.


The Cotton® Made in England labels


We are passionate about supporting Made in England label since we believe it is important to support local industries and British manufacturers where possible. Most of our products are currently being made in Britain and we are constantly looking out for more local manufactures for the rest of our product lines. This is part of our commitment to help sustain handcrafts and employments in Britain.



We pride ourselves as a technology backed, modern pioneering company. We want to push the boundaries of innovation, from continual improvements to our website, to venturing into the foray of smart e-clothing and e-stores in future, we want to give our customers a great experience from the moment they land on our website to the time they receive and use our products. We cherish making our products and want our customers to cherish them too!



Another ethos of our brand is to help those in need. We support charities involved in providing money and awareness for local and global injustices regarding human rights violation, health care, education and environmental issues.


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