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Is It True That the Man Purse Is Practical and Stylish?

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Men's bags are more frequently referred to as "man purses," but this term is occasionally used disparagingly, and their popularity has fluctuated throughout the ages. They've reached a pinnacle point right now, thanks to Covid-19's effect on societal expectations and demands.

Whether you're going back to work, taking public transit, or going to the store, every male should have at least one face mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer on hand. A pair of gloves or even sanitizing wipes can be used as a backup, but none of this covers your wallet and keys.

Unfortunately, even the deeper, wider pockets on men's pants, coats, and shirts don't give enough space for a basic degree of readiness. Or, if they do, like with cargo shorts and utility coats, you're over-stuffing them. You're no longer an easygoing gentleman; you're an awkward, socially inept tourist, and no amount of ease or self-assurance will compensate for that.

The man purse, or, more particularly, messenger and cross-body bags, enters the picture. They're practical, have many compartments for storing your stuff, and keep out of the way once slung over your shoulder. Despite its utility, the man purse is frequently viewed as a sign of feminization – perhaps even unintended humor – rather than a place to keep and retrieve crucial personal needs when out in the world.

stylish men purse

What is a Man Purse?

Now that we've cleared that up, what exactly is a man purse?

To begin with, not every bag a man carries qualifies as a "man purse." Despite the market's flexibility, luggage is excessively big and heavy. After all, you'll just check your luggage or place it in the overhead compartment once it reaches a particular size.

On the other hand, a man purse isn't a wallet, which can be tucked into a pocket and forgotten about until the next time you need to buy petrol.

Finally, a man purse is not the same as a backpack. A backpack is probably the most unisex of all bag types, spanning men's and women's trends with its utility. A male purse, on the other hand, can range from a cross-body to a messenger bag and includes a satchel. It can also include a tote-style bag, which has a longer handle and a more feminine appearance, as well as anything that looks like a clutch. Man purses are constructed of leather, nylon, and a variety of other sturdy materials, just like all other bags.


stylish men purse
stylish men purse

Where Does the Man Purse Come From?

Let's start by distinguishing between strictly pragmatic and social demands. Men, on the other hand, have been using bags in place of pockets for ages, at least historically. The expression "man purse" comes from the 1990s.

Some attribute its emergence to a Seinfeld episode in which Jerry is shown carrying a European purse-like bag, only for it to be stolen. Others credit it to Matt LeBlanc's character carrying a leather tote bag in a 1999 Friends episode called "The One with Joey's Bag."

Until the early 2000s, the man purse had a more shady image — as long as it was carried as luggage. Because of Louis Vuitton's huge monogramming that decade, you'd see European soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham toting around large luggage- or briefcase-like bags that, when downsized in size, had the trappings of a handbag or, in Ronaldo's case, a clutch.

In The Hangover, however, there was a recurring joke about Zach Galifianakis' character carrying a leather satchel, which was based on the fact that Indiana Jones also carried one for practical reasons. Bradley Cooper's character, who can't get enough of it, refers to it as a "man purse."


Purses were originally created for males to keep money and other vital items that women didn't need to carry. Satchels were a wealthy man's possession by the Renaissance era. More men were carrying baggage and briefcase-like bags into the 18th century, thanks to train travel and the rise of typical office jobs.

Most troops carried a pouch that was fastened to a belt on the battlefield and throughout the twentieth century.


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