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The Cotton's interview with 'The Cultured Gentleman'

The Cotton Team
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Credit to The Cultured Gentleman - Cyrill Ibrahim

Story Collection #2 with The Cotton London - The Finest Cotton Brand

In this interview we will be looking at the story of The Cotton London. I have been working with them for a while and I thought it would be interesting to share the story of  a brand that makes truly wonderful minimalist cotton clothing for men in an ethical and sustainable manner.


How did you start your brand? 

The Cotton® London was born out of a desire to design and produce the world’s finest cotton clothing brand for men – the ultimate in quality and luxury with minimalist design and with a consideration for sustainability in every element of the supply chain.


Cyrill Ibrahim wearing The Cotton's Short Sleeve V-neck Supima cotton T-shirt

What is the motto of your company?

The Cotton® London quintessentially a British brand, prides itself on understated luxury, unmatched elegance, innovation, utilising luxurious high-end cotton fabrics, modern technology, skilled artisan craftsmanship, superb customer experience, a continual progression of making our products even finer and an ethical and sustainable basis for our product line. The distinct British character of our products exudes unrivalled refinement and timeless tradition. Because it's not just cotton, it's the finest cotton.


What is your background - how did start or get involved in your company? 

I am a technology consultant by day, and entrepreneur by night—I have built my online brand through dedication and willingness to put in the time to learn something new. I have had no formal training of the fashion industry and this  enabled me to learn on the go, through sheer grit, hard work and life experiences. I believe my learning is an on-going process and each day is an opportunity to learn more and explore more. I have traveled the globe in search of the very best fabrications, quality manufactures ensuring our products are truly finest, easy to care for, wonderfully durable and made to last.



How would you describe the style in which your product fits and what do you think is the connection with The Cultured Gentleman’s style? 

The Cotton London takes sustainability very seriously that is why we ensure our clothes are long lasting with minimalist design as fashion changes all the time. This connects us very well with the cultured gentlemen launched by Cyrill Ibrahim his distinctive and simple style establishes a solid connection between The Cotton London and The Cultured Gentlemen going forward. Similarly the quality factor also creates strong understanding between The Cotton London and Cultured Gentlemen where we both understand quite passionately the value of quality in whatever we do in life including what we wear. 


Which achievements are you most proud of?

The Cotton London takes customer satisfaction very seriously and receiving 5-star reviews from almost all of our small customer base is something which we are very proud of and would like to keep it consistent in future.


Your brand has a sincere integrity - how do envision protecting this in the future?

At The Cotton London we do things bit differently from sourcing the finest fabric after thorough research to finally hand packing each item for our valued customer. We would like to ensure we do things in same way and our core value don't changes once the business grows.

- The Cultured Gentleman
   Cyrill Ibrahim

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