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Finish Your Look With The Cotton Jumpers

Our well-knitted jumper makes a nifty finish to an office look with outstanding dress-down credentials. Keep the fit as trim as your build can take to leave no doubts about your sartorial flair, even in a casual getup.

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The Cotton Jumpers

Softly Tailored, Sharply Turned-Out, Formal Look

Business Casual can manifest itself in artfully softly-tailored pieces, like our Italian Formal shirts. It’s made to fit close to the body, impeccably unlined to flawlessly take layering. We teamed it with one of our Modern Texture shirts, and stretch tailored trousers - with a bit of texture to them, too. The result? See it for yourself.

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Casual Wear Shirts
Casual wear Shirts
casual wear shirts

Polo Shirts

Not the ideal recommendation coming from a shirt maker, unless said shirt maker has been cutting a mean polo that is just as smart as a formal shirt. We’re so confident in its smartness that we put it under our twill business suit, for a look that’s as comfortable as it is elegant.

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Polo shirts
polo shirts
polo shirts
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