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Here's Why France Will Win the World Cup in Qatar in 2022

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At Luzhniki Stadium, the outcomes were already decided when the final buzzer sounded. For the second time in as many decades, France has triumphed at the World Cup. France served as the World Cup's host nation last year. Throughout the entire tournament, they were the most dominant squad. Will France be able to duplicate and reproduce their achievement from last year?
Recap of France's victory at the World Cup

FIFA WorldCup 2022
Les Bleus dominated the elimination rounds after going undefeated and surrendering only one goal during the group stage. They defeated Argentina 4-1 in the round of 16, Uruguay 2-0 in the quarterfinals, and Belgium 1-0 in the semifinals.
With odds of 7.00, France is currently the second favourite to win the World Cup in 2022, trailing only Argentina and England, who both have odds of 7.50. Please be aware that the odds for the 2022 World Cup vary based on the betting platform, and they even frequently change.
The effect of Mbappe on the 2018 World Cup

FIFA WorldCup 2022
Mbappe excelled personally during the tournament, scoring four goals and dishing out an assist—a tremendous showing at any significant competition. But it's crucial to keep in mind that Deschamps only started him in five of France's seven games.
Despite this, Mbappe was a valuable asset to his club anytime he was on the field, wreaking havoc with his lightning-quick speed and technical proficiency. In addition to this, he has displayed maturity beyond his years by controlling his fury in the penalty area, and many anticipate that he will maintain this approach during the World Cup 22 season.
A great coach is necessary to strategically shape the team

FIFA WorldCup 2022
France won by simply sticking to its playing plan from the previous six matches. When necessary, it resisted its enemy, and when it could, it punished it. Their players ran off the bench in celebration after the final buzzer, jumping rings were formed, and Didier Deschamps was thrown into the air.
Deschamps served as a mentor to his young squad in 1998 while playing midfield for France, guiding them slowly in the direction of triumph. Fans might concur that as coach of the team that raised the value of all World Cup betting offers at the time, he made extraordinary judgments.
His 2018 team won't exactly be remembered as the most fashionable or inventive champion. Instead, it will be remembered as a team of players with exceptional talent and ruthless efficiency who understood their jobs and performed them flawlessly as a group.

maintaining a powerful roster
The French football team features some of the top players in the world. The athlete receiving the most media attention at the moment is Kylian Mbappe, who made his name in Russia and scored the goals that helped his country win the championship four years ago.
France has more than enough talent to win the tournament again owing to players such superstars Paul Pogba, Karim Benzema, and N'golo Kante. France's supporters are hopeful that their team won't be as carefree as they were at Euro 2020. Mbappe missed the game-winning kick against Switzerland in the penalty shootout to determine who would advance to the round of 16.
France had a 3-1 lead with 15 minutes remaining in regulation, but two quick goals from the Swiss forced a shootout, where France lost. Mbappe will be seeking retribution this year after missing a crucial penalty kick.
last thoughts

FIFA WorldCup 2022
Due to France's efficient talent development system and its youthful championship crop, Les Bleus will be among the favorites to defend their title in the next World Cup along with Mbappe, Pavard, Pogba, Benzema, and Kante.
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