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Fast Fashion Clothing - Fast Fashion Industry Part 01

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Fast fashion refers to how clothing stores produce new clothing lines on a regular basis often weekly, rather than on a traditional, seasonal basis.Because of this, people are buying far more clothes than needed, at relatively cheap prices, in order to keep up with trends. It’s a worldwide addiction.


    Fast Fashion Clothing


    Fast fashion


    One of the major environmental issues surrounding the cheap garment industry is water pollution, as it is common practice for textile factories to discard untreated toxic. This wastewater contains an abundance of toxic substances most factories simply dump the by-products directly into nearby water supplies, furthering the damaging impact of the environment and community health.



      Each year, the fashion industry uses an enormous 1.5 trillion liters of water, ‘for fabric dyeing alone’.Not only does the dyeing and finishing process require a huge quantity of water, but growing the cotton that many of our clothes comprise of requires an implausible amount of it too.

       Fast Fashion

      Fast Fashion


      Every year in China, textile waste is estimated at over 26 million tons, while the US is responsible for 12.8 million annually. Fashion produces more than 150 billion garments a year. This prompts the question: why are we purchasing clothes at such a fast rate? Because we can, because it’s cheap, because it’s readily available. The way to topple this problem once and for all is to cease the demand. That’s right, every single one of us - me, you, and everyone you know should absolutely and completely stop buying fast fashion, Forever. Given the atrocious environmental and human damage.


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