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A magnificent and modern epoch for British swimming observed at Olympics Tokyo 2020

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Olympics 2021

At the Tokyo Olympics, team GB swimmers did a scoop. For British swimmers, these were a momentous few days at the Olympics in Tokyo. Team GB had the best start in a modern game ever, and three swimming golds were first won by the pool in 1908. Adam Peaty, who defended his Olympic championship in the 100m men's breaststroke, earned Team GB's first gold on Monday. Tom Dean and Duncan Schott won a one-two finale yesterday in the 200-meter freestyle, then Dean, Scott, Matthew Richards, and James Guy crossed the 4 × 200-meter freestyle relay for a surprise triumph.

Since 2014 he remains unbeatable throughout the distance and currently has 16 times the fastest. Peaty has dominated 100m. The BBC's Katie Falkingham reported about the first gold medal win that:

"Not bad for someone who was shocked once of the water, if a shark popped up with a plughole,"

Furthermore, Peaty believed his victory was a driving force when he won gold on Monday, not only for Team GB but the fans back home to the next gear. The men's 200m freestyle ending has been one of the highlights for Team GB in Tokyo thus far.

In addition, Tom Dean and Duncan Scott completed Britain's first one-two for 113 years almost precisely 24 hours after Peaty's 100m breaststroke masterpiece. And Dean, 21, pulled just around 0.04 seconds narrowly at the wall of his fellow countryman. He's roommates with Scott at Olympic Village, who has been returning from two-quarters of Covid to win gold. Dean and Scott joined the men's 4x200m freestyle relay this morning in Team GB's gold medal race together with Matthew Richards and James Guy.

For Dean, he became the first British man to win double gold for 113 years, and Scott, 24, after three silvers, finally won the gold medal in Rio and Tokyo. He earned the double gold medal. It was also the first Olympic gold for Guy (25) and Richards (18).

British Swimmer wins gold medal

The Yorkshire Post wrote in an editorial Wednesday that Peaty and Dean's Olympic legacy "should be swimming lessons for everybody."

 It further asserted that: 

"Such Gold Medals can serve as the motherboard for social transformation as Team GB's crueler style of competition and selection considers the nation to be a powerhouse of world swimming."


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