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Guide to the UEFA EURO 2024 venues: When and where will Germany host matches?

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UEFA EURO 2024 will be held in Germany across June and July, with 10 host cities staging the major football tournament. On June 14, the tournament opens in Munich with Germany, the hosts, playing Scotland at Bayern Munich's stadium.

Held in the same venue that held the FIFA World Cup final eighteen years ago, the German capital's Olympiastadion Berlin, will hold the final one month later on July 14. With a minimum of four and a maximum of six games per stadium, EURO 2024 will include 51 matches overall.


Find out more about all 10 venues below



Olympiastadion Berlin

  • Stadium capacity: 71,000
  • Home of: Hertha Berlin

The Olympiastadion Berlin will once more be the scene of a major final, having staged the 2006 FIFA World Cup final, which Italy won on penalties against France. It was also the stadium where Barcelona beat Juventus in the 2015 UEFA Champions League final. Six matches will take place at the Olympiastadion Berlin during EURO 2024, including three knockout matches.

EURO 2024 fixtures in Berlin:

  • June 15: Spain vs Croatia (6pm local time)
  • June 21: Poland vs Austria (6pm)
  • June 25: Netherlands vs Austria (6pm)
  • June 29: Round of 16 (6pm)
  • July 6: Quarter-final (9pm)
  • July 14: Final (9pm)


Cologne Stadium

  • Stadium capacity: 43,000
  • Home of: 1. FC Köln

This stadium was the stage for the 2020 UEFA Europa League final, when Sevilla beat Inter Milan 3-2 behind closer doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It will host five EURO 2024 matches, with Switzerland playing there twice.


EURO 2024 fixtures in Cologne:

  • June 15: Hungary vs Switzerland (3pm)
  • June 19: Scotland vs Switzerland (9pm)
  • June 22: Belgium vs Romania (9pm)
  • June 25: England vs Slovenia (9pm)
  • June 30: Round of 16 (9pm)



BVB Stadion Dortmund

  • Stadium capacity: 62,000
  • Home of: Borussia Dortmund

The iconic home of Borussia Dortmund, known for its “Yellow Wall” of supporters, is viewed as one of the best grounds in Europe. The stadium will host a EURO 2024 semi-final, the last of six matches to be played in Dortmund.


EURO 2024 fixtures in Dortmund:

  • June 15: Italy vs Albania (9pm)
  • June 18: Türkiye vs Georgia (6pm)
  • June 22: Türkiye vs Portugal (6pm)
  • June 25: France vs Poland (6pm)
  • June 29: Round of 16 (9pm)
  • July 10: Semi-final (9pm)


Düsseldorf Arena

  • Stadium capacity: 47,000
  • Home of: Fortuna Düsseldorf

The Düsseldorf Arena gets the nod to host EURO 2024 matches having missed out at the 2006 FIFA World Cup. The arena recently set a world record for a handball match, with 53,586 spectators watching Germany’s opening match of the Men's European Championship against Switzerland in January.


EURO 2024 fixtures in Düsseldorf:

  • June 17: Austria vs France (9pm)
  • June 21: Slovakia vs Ukraine (3pm)
  • June 24: Albania vs Spain (9pm)
  • July 1: Round of 16 (6pm)
  • July 6: Quarter-final (6pm)


Frankfurt Arena

  • Stadium capacity: 47,000
  • Home of: Eintracht Frankfurt

The Frankfurt Arena will stage Germany’s final group game against Switzerland on June 23, with pre-tournament favourites England also in action there against Denmark.

The stadium staged the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup final, which Japan won on penalties against the United States, as well as six matches at the 2006 FIFA Men’s World Cup.

EURO 2024 fixtures in Frankfurt:

  • June 17: Belgium vs Slovakia (6pm)
  • June 20: Denmark vs England (6pm)
  • June 23: Switzerland vs Germany (9pm)
  • June 26: Slovakia vs Romania (6pm)
  • July 1: Round of 16 (9pm)


Arena AufSchalke

  • Stadium capacity: 50,000
  • Home of: Schalke

The Arena AufSchalke hosted the 2004 UEFA Champions League final, where Porto beat Monaco 3-0, before staging five 2006 FIFA World Cup matches.

This time around, the stadium in Gelsenkirchen will host four EURO 2024 matches, including arguably the pick of the group games – Spain vs Italy on June 20.


EURO 2024 fixtures in Gelsenkirchen:

  • June 16: Serbia vs England (9pm)
  • June 20: Spain vs Italy (9pm)
  • June 26: Georgia vs Portugal (9pm)
  • June 30: Round of 16 (6pm)


Volksparkstadion Hamburg

  • Stadium capacity: 49,000
  • Home of: Hamburger SV

Another stadium used for the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Volksparkstadion Hamburg hosted two Italy games on their way to glory in Germany 18 years ago.

It was also the stage for the 2010 UEFA Europa League final, where Atletico Madrid beat Fulham 2-1.


EURO 2024 fixtures in Hamburg:

  • June 16: Poland vs Netherlands (3pm)
  • June 19: Croatia vs Albania (3pm)
  • June 22: Georgia vs Czechia (3pm)
  • June 26: Czechia vs Türkiye (9pm)
  • July 5: Quarter-final (9pm)


Leipzig Stadium

  • Stadium capacity: 40,000
  • Home of: RB Leipzig

The smallest of the 10 stadia by capacity, RB Leipzig’s ground will host a hat-trick of intriguing EURO 2024 group games before staging a last-16 match as well.

It is the largest stadium in eastern Germany, and features a state-of-the-art roof.


EURO 2024 fixtures in Leipzig:

  • June 18: Portugal vs Czechia (9pm)
  • June 21: Netherlands vs France (9pm)
  • June 24: Croatia vs Italy (9pm)
  • July 2: Round of 16 (9pm)



Munich Football Arena

  • Stadium capacity: 66,000
  • Home of: Bayern München

The impressive home of Bayern Munich will stage the first EURO 2024 game, which sees hosts Germany take on Scotland on June 14.

A semi-final will also take place in Munich on July 9, with the Munich Football Arena set to host the UEFA Champions League final next year, having done so in 2012 when Chelsea beat Bayern on penalties.


EURO 2024 fixtures in Munich:

  • June 14: Germany vs Scotland (9pm)
  • June 17: Romania vs Ukraine (3pm)
  • June 20: Slovenia vs Serbia (3pm)
  • June 25: Denmark vs Serbia (9pm)
  • July 2: Round of 16 (6pm)
  • July 9: Semi-final (9pm)


Stuttgart Arena

  • Stadium capacity: 51,000
  • Home of: VfB Stuttgart

The Stuttgart Arena will welcome Germany for their second EURO 2024 group game against Hungary on June 16.

It will also host a quarter-final, the last of five games set to take place in southwest German city.


EURO 2024 fixtures in Stuttgart:

  • June 16: Slovenia vs Denmark (6pm)
  • June 19: Germany vs Hungary (6pm)
  • June 23: Scotland vs Hungary (9pm)
  • June 26: Ukraine vs Belgium (6pm)
  • July 5: Quarter-final (6pm)



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